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Board Development and Training

Board Roles & Responsibilities

Non-Profit Rescue, Inc. has created the following outline as an overview of board roles and responsibilities to guide discussion between the Executive Director and board members seeking to define their place within the organization.

1.      To Define, Protect and Advance The Mission Of The Organization

         Mission vs. "what we do"

         What business are we in?

         Who do we serve?

         What value do we bring to the community?

2.      To Safeguard The Assets (Human, Financial and Property) Of The Organization

         The fiduciary responsibility of the board

         Self-dealing transactions by board members

         Conflict of interest by a board member

3.      To Recruit, Hire, Support, Review And, If Necessary, Remove The Executive Director

         The relationship of the board to the executive

         Who is the boss?

         Governance vs. management

         The special relationship of the chair and the executive director

4.      To Be Ambassadors To The World On Behalf Of The Organization

         Talking up the organization

         Abiding by the decisions of the board

         Keeping the organization in the front of your mind

5.      To Ensure Adequate Resources To Carry Out The Mission

         Give, get, or get the heck off

         100% board giving

         Seeking funds from others


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Member, American Association of Grant Professionals

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  Non Profit Rescue, Inc. consultants are members of and subscribe to the code of ethics of both the Association of Fund Raising Professionals and
The American Association of Grant Professionals.

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