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Capital Campaign Design & Management

If you donít get this one right the first time you will have a constituency and donor base at odds with your leadership.  Can your organization afford that? 

A well executed Capital Campaign will provide a Non Profit Organization the capital necessary to secure a stable future.

Capacity building through a Capital Campaign can:

  • retire debt on physical plant

  • create an endowment fund to guarantee future operational costs

  • cover overhead, allowing regular funds go to serve mission

  • cover construction costs of new facilities

  • allow for growth so the organization can offer additional services

A poorly executed capital campaign can result in damage to the credibility of the organization, reduction in donor contributions and overall negative reflection on the organization in the community at large.

The most important and most stressful undertaking an organization will ever undergo is the capital campaign.  Many an Executive Director and Board Member have left an organization over this very task having attempted it without proper background or preparation.

Most Successful Non Profit Organizations will go through several medium sized Capital Campaigns during a fifty year operational cycle. 

When Non Profit Organizations come to a point where they must consider their very first Capital Campaign, they find it a very challenging  task and one that is best undertaken with professional assistance. 

A Capital Campaign requires significant study and preparation and must be tailored to your organizationís particular support base.  This includes all of your support base, your donor base, your political base, your community base, your mission base and your public relations base.

What Non-Profit Rescue Inc. provides is a solid background in the study, design, implementation, management and closeout of a Capital Campaign. 

Non-Profit Rescue Inc. takes you by the hand and guides you through the process of raising important capital for organizational capacity building. 

Whether this is your first or your fifteenth capital campaign, Non-Profit Rescue Inc. can help you come to the understanding of what is a reasonable goal for your organization, what is a reasonable timeline for that goal and what you can expect from your local community in support.


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